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These are the gaming stories of my gaming life. I live with Gaming Gramps at the retirement home. Game safely.

Comic #14: Daydream

In other news the president has declared a state of games. This means that every able-bodied man, woman and child must game twenty-four seven. Jasper, are you daydreaming about games again? !!!

They say that dreams can become reality. In this case I was dreaming about games. What are your gaming dreams?

Comic #13: Get a grip!

You stink and suck! You're the worst gamer I've ever seen! Get a grip! These are the worst gaming manners I've ever heard... Heh heh heh...

How do bad gaming manners make you feel? Good? Bad? If you've got an opinion on gaming manners, feel free to share it here.

Comic #12: Jimmy Buffett

Hey TheJimmyBuffettGamer, I noticed you always wear sunglasses, even when you're gaming! I do it to protect my identity, gamesmasterjasper. I may or may not be Jimmy Buffett.

Do you think he's really Jimmy Buffett? I do.

Comic #11: Numb

I'm sorry about what gamesmastermickey did to yoru games. It's okay... It's NOT okay!

This comic dealt with an extremely important and controversial topic in the gaming community: the issue of breaking games. Every hour, 1,452 RPGs, 342 puzzle games, 1,768 sports games, and an unbelievable 8,445 action games are broken. Some gamers advocate breaking games, citing the mantra "out with the old, in with the new". This could not be further from the truth. The truth is, breaking games is one of the most harmful and destructive things a gamer can do, both to the game and to himself.

What gamesmastermickey did in that comic (which is based on an event in real life) was irresponsible. I and the rest of the gaming community will never again be able to play the games he broke. We can't glue them back together. We can't tape them or wish them back together. They are gone forever and nobody can ever play those games again.

It is necessary for the gaming community at large to protect and preserve games from this rampant destruction. If somebody breaks your games, don't break theirs back. If somebody declares their intent to break a game, notify Twin Galaxies or me immediately and we will do everything we possibly can to prevent this gaming disaster.

So please, next time you think about breaking a game, think twice.

Comic #10: Stomp!

Wow! I hate these games! I love to break games! Two hours later... Who broke my games?

Please don't break my games.

Comic #9: A Tribute to Jimmy Buffett

Wheeze... Gasp... I notice you breathe really heavily when you game, TheJimmyBuffettGamer. That's true Jasper. I do it as a tribute to Jimmy Buffett.

Meets and greets. This is my best friend TheJimmyBuffettGamer. He specializes in both games and Jimmy Buffett, making him an extremely versatile ally. I can rely on him through thick and thin when I need some backup in a game or some Jimmy Buffett help. Semper games.

Comic #8: Think About It

If I had any power, it would be the power to turn anything  touch into games. Except for games. Why not games? Think about it for a minute...

gamesmastermickey seems very selfish sometimes, but I wonder if he's on to something. Games perhaps? Semper games.

Comic #7: Dr. Mario

It's good that you're here at the retirement home to take care of grampa, Jasper, but his diaper rash is critical. I need you to take this prescription.

It's a good thing Gaming Gramps is on the fast track to recovery. That's his nurse. Semper games.

Comic #6: Theme Hospital

Gaming Gramps looks sick. I think he needs a game.

It looks like Gaming Gramps is sick. Good thing I've got the cure. It's a game. Semper games.

Comic #5: Gibs and Gore

I only care about explosions and gibs. I play games for the girls. That's it. Is this really how you feel?

Meets and greets. Sometimes I think gamesmastermickey doesn't have his priorities straight. Gibs and gore? I think there's more to a game than that. Just my humble opinion… (Semper games)

Comic #4: gamesmastermickey

Ahh, I sure could go for some R-type right about now... What in the...! All of my cartridges have been replaced with R-rated games! Hey games-MULLET-jasper! Hope you enjoy your R-rated games Bwahahaha! gamesmastermickey!

gamesmastermickey replaced my games! Why did he do that? He needs to calm down sometimes. Semper games.

Comic #3: Gaming Gramps

Oh, I guess you want to watch Matlock now... Life would be easier if there was a Matlock game...

This is my grandpa, Gaming Gramps. He lives in a retirement home and loves to game. Also, I live there too. Semper games.

Comic #2: The Word Games

I like to use the word games in every sentence. Sometimes it doesn't work out so well though games. - gamesmasterjasper

I try to use the word ‘games’ in every sentence. Semper games.

Comic #1: A Time to Game

Ah. I love to game.

Meets and greets. It's “game time”! Just a little gaming humor for you, I hope you like it. There will be lots of gaming humor to come in this new gaming comic I'm working on. There will be lots of laughs, but also lots of tears too. It is going to be sad, but also happy, and most of all, about games.

Thank you

Thank you for visiting my website. Semper games.

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