My friends!!

These are some of my friends. Many of them are respected gaming experts. We play games at Gaming Gramps' retirement home. Semper games.

Walter Day

A photo of Walter Day

Walter Day is the head and gameshistorian of His role is to keep gaming peace and maintain a state of games. He is also the world record holder of Centipede: Deluxe, and owns the world’s largest collection of newspapers. Semper games, Walt!

Nicknames: walt, walt ‘the game’ gameshistorian day-game, W.D., Walter ‘Games Every’ Day, Walter ‘The Gamer’ Day, Walter Day, Games Historian, Walter ‘Mr Games’ Day, Sherlock Day, Walt Day, Waltgame Day, Walt Daysney, Walter ‘High Scores’ Day, Walter ‘Centipede Records’ Day, Walter ‘Twin Galaxies’ Day, Ol Walt Day, Walter Games (Day), Walter Daygames, Gamer Day, Game-A-Day, A-Game-A-Day, Walter ‘Game-a-’ Day, Walter ‘Walt’ The Gamer Day.

Loves: Games, world records (in gaming), Centipede.

Hates: The waste and destruction of historical gaming documents.

Goals: To save and maintain the state of games.

Favorite games: Centipede, Galaga, R-Type, and every other game.


El Samuelo

A photo of El Samuelo

Once a sworn enemy of gamesmasterjasper and the gaming revolution, recent events have forced El Samuelo to reconsider and question his life choices. After a heated gaming-debate with gamesmasterjasper lasting no less than three full days, El Samuelo finally decided to side with jasper and his friends. To everyone’s surprise Sam has proven to be quite an avid gamer, and he occasionally dabbles in anime as well. Semper games!

Nicknames: El Samuelo, Sam, Samuel “El” Geek, Samu: El Geek, The Gamescore, Gamecore, The GameCore Gamer, SamCore, Samuel The Gaming-GamesCore, SwarthyLatino.

Loves: Gamefuel, Gamefuel and once again Gamefuel. Did someone say Gamefuel?

Hates: Script kiddies.

Goals: To review games. *glug* *glug* *glug* huh? Oh sorry, I was just taking a sip of my Gamefuel. Want some? Too bad, get your own damn Gamefuel.

Favorite games: The Madden, NBA, Fight Night, NHL and FIFA series.



A photo of GamerFrank

GamerFrank - or as he likes to be called "The Frankster" - is one of Jasper's most recent friends. He's got a knack for cars, Italian food and amateur boxing - which according to gamesmasterjasper is perfect because it translates directly into gaming skills.

Nicknames: Frank, Frankie, The Frankster, Frankaroonie, Frankincense, Frank the Tank, Frank the Gamester, Gamearoonie Frank, Game-Frank, Frankly Gamin' Frank, FrankieBaby Gaming, FrankGames

Loves: Cadillacs, America, Freedom, My Mama Mia

Hates: Ball-busters, ah stugats!

Goals: The 1958 Chevrolet Bel Air with chrome accents, front- and rear coil suspension and a 315 horsepower V8 engine.

Favorite games: Omaha, mixed poker and a little bit of Baccarat.



A photo of gamesmasterjasper

gamesmasterjasper loves games. In fact, he loves games so much he’s decided to dedicate his life to the chronicling of gaming history. His job on the site is to further the cause of gaming, and write articles on a regular basis. ‘jasp’ as he is called is a keen gaming-journalist.

Nicknames: gamesmasterjasper, gmj, the jaspster, the jaspernator, jasper ‘the game’ jasper, ‘the game’, many more.

Loves: Games, gaming, gamering, games-gaming.

Hates: Unethical gaming, close-minded gamers.

Goals: To chronicle every game; to become a gameshistorian.

Favorite games: Don’t make me choose.



A photo of gamesmastermickey

gamesmastermickey, also known as the ’skull and crossbones gamer’ specializes in the field of violent games and First Person Shooters. He is known to vocalize his oftentimes controversial opinions about games.

Nicknames: mickey, gmm, the ’skull and crossbones gamer’, gore, gibs, the gibsmaster, ‘blood and gibs’, mel gibson.

Loves: Blood, death, gore, a dead game. Skulls.

Hates: Weak gamers, games, gamesMULLETjasper.

Goals: To get every headshot.

Favorite games: Quake, the Naked Mario Bros. Hack.


Gaming Gramps

A photo of Gaming Gramps

Gaming Gramps lives with me at the retirement home. Semper games!

Nicknames: Gramps, Gaming Gramps, The Gamin' Grampa

Loves: Matlock, diapers

Hates: Diaper rash

Goals: To watch as much Matlock as possible

Favorite games: Caveman Ughlympics for the NES (I think)

Website: 1-800-775-6776

Ricky Tipz

A photo of Ricky Tipz

Ricky Tipz is a suave and charismatic guy who knows how to charm the ladies. With his good looks, smooth talk, and confident demeanor, he's a natural flirt who loves to impress the females. Oh and he's an expert when it comes to gaming tips, but remember... it's tips, not cheats.

Nicknames: Ricky, Ricky the Tipper, Rick the Tipster, Ricky-Tippy, Rick-Tip Tipparoo, Rick Tippa-tip-tip-tippa-tip

Loves: The ladies, his Jap girlfriend Sakura, being smooth

Hates: Bad vibes

Goals: To get all the ladies

Favorite games: Leisure Suit Larry, Leisure Suit Larry 2, Leisure Suit Larry 3, Leisure Suit Larry 4, Leisure Suit Larry 5, all the Leisure Suit Larrys...


Robert Mruczek

A photo of Robert Mruczek

Robert Mruczek is a well-known figure in the world of video games, particularly in the competitive gaming scene. He is renowned for his meticulous scorekeeping, and holds the Guinness World Record for most game score VHS tapes watched in a month with an average of 40 tapes per day. His scorekeeping expertise has been invaluable in ensuring the integrity of gaming.

Nicknames: Robert Mruczek

Loves: Rubenesque art and Georgia O'Keeffe paintings.

Hates: ?

Goals: I have a VHS tape that I need to analyze.

Favorite games: Bandai Golf: Challenge Pebble Beach 1989 had a custom software framework which allowed for more sophisticated programming.



A photo of TheSwedishOutrunChamp

This is my friend TheSwedishOutrunChamp. He broke the record in the game Outrun. He is a bit strange but he's a gamer so I guess that's okay.

Nicknames: TheSwedishOutrunChamp, The "Champ" Outrunner, TheOutrunGuy, That Outrun Fella, The Outrunner of Outrun, Outrun? Yes I do

Loves: Outrun, breaking Outrun records

Hates: Not having access to Outrun

Goals: To be the Outrun champ

Favorite games: Bubble Bobble



A photo of RPG_Manniac

As The Mouthpiece and Repersentative of the RPG community, RPG_Manniac has written about many games. His favorite serie include: Phantasy Star, Phantasy Star 2, and Phantasy Star: B.O.G.F. Read More about me around the site.

Nicknames: RPG_Manniac. is My only nickname. Dont need to say any other Than im an RPG freak.

Loves: RPGs. RPG series.

Hates: People who dont understand rpgs. People Who hate RPG-games. People who are not open to RPGs and other RPG Games.

Goals: to Play every rpg. to protect every rpg, im a light knight of RPGing you could say.

Favorite games: Phantasy Star: B.G.O.F.



A photo of Shadow_Bane

I'm not afraid to call out bad behavior or poor gameplay. I have a low tolerance for ignorance. I don't sugarcoat my opinions or hold back on my commentary. If you're looking for someone to coddle you or validate your bad habits, you won't find it here.

Nicknames: Shadow-B, Shade, Shadic the Bane, The Bane-gamer, Shadious, Shrouded in the Shadows Gamer, The Bane Shadow, Shadow the Baner, Shadow the Beaner, BluntGamer

Loves: Perfection

Hates: Ignorance

Goals: That's a leading question.

Favorite games: Crysii Hunie Rose: Saga Invexalis is perhaps the most intellectual game to date, thanks to its intricate narrative and thought-provoking themes that require players to think critically and strategically.

Website: I don't use websites.

Shigeru Miyamoto

A photo of Shigeru Miyamoto

Shigeru Miyamoto or Shiggy-san is a legend in the gaming industry, having created some of the most iconic video games of all time. But more importantly, he's been my friend for as long as I can remember. Shiggy-san is passionate about game design, Japanese culture, and nature. In conclusion he is not only a gaming legend but also a great friend. He's always there to offer advice or just listen. And I know that he's just as dedicated to creating great games that bring people together as he is to his friends.

Nicknames: Shiggy, Shigeru-san, TheCrazyGamer, TheDerangedGamer, Miyamoto-boy, The Daffy Gamester

Loves: Creating games, the food court, hanging out with friends

Hates: Disrespect, dishonor, Bowser

Goals: To make a great game that people will remember

Favorite games: Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Rush Adventure, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Heroes, Sonic and the Secret Rings and Sonic the Hedgehog 3 to name a few.



A photo of The Jimmy Buffett Gamer

Games. Can`t live with `Em, can’t live without `em. As they say. I say it Too However it also applies to Jimmy Buffett.I Tend to specialize in Jimmy Buffett so If You Have Any Questions Just Ask. I like to Take Care of the ‘Jimmy Buffett side’ of Gaming but can also, Take care of other Jimmie Buffett related news .

Nicknames: TheJimmyBuffettGamer, TJBG, Jimmy Buffett (The Gamer).

Loves: Jimmy Buffett, Jimmy Buffet-games.

Hates: when Your stinky Under Wear st


Favorite games: all The Ones about Jimmy Buffett


Billy M

A photo of Billy M

Billy M is not just a gamer. He’s not even just a PRO gamer. Billy M is the absolute and only world record holder of Donkey Kong. He’s got the skills, he’s got the confidence, and he’s also a hotsauce tycoon. What’s his job on the site? Heh, what ISN’T his job on the site?

Nicknames: Billy ‘The King’ M, Billy ‘The KING of KONG’ M, The KING of KONG, Billy “The King of Hot Sauce” M, The King of Hotsauce, ‘Hotsauce King-Kong’.

Loves: Donkey Kong, competitive gaming, hotsauce, winning, Rickey’s Hotsauce, winning Rickey’s Hotsauce.

Hates: Losers.

Goals: There are goals I haven’t reached?

Favorite games: Games I can set world records in (i.e. all games).


Thank you

Thank you for visiting my website. Semper games.

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